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Reduce costs. Enhance operations. Improve operating margins.
Generate funds for strategic initiatives. All with Realytics’ transformational tools.

Why now and why Realytics?

Realytics provides innovative software tools that enable hospitals to solve many of their most difficult financial, operational, and strategic challenges.

The Challenges

Changes in health care reimbursement and health care delivery are combining to drive down hospital reimbursement, decrease inpatient volumes, increase expenses, and reduce operating margins, thereby reducing the funds needed for future investments.

The Solution

Realytics enables hospitals to meet these challenges by providing a set of tools to help reduce costs and enhance operations, resulting in improved operating margins and additional funds for new initiatives and investments.

Put management analytics to work.

To achieve effective performance improvement, Realytics’ suite of tools delivers accurate, actionable information to the right employees in a timely fashion.

Realytics analysis tools
  • Realytics’ analysis tools provide visibility into performance and reveal insights needed for optimizing decisions to achieve and maintain cost effective operations.
  • Visualizing financial and operational performance data allows executives and managers to quickly see key performance indicators, trends, and variances in a manner that cannot be conveyed with tabular reports.
  • The Realytics platform enhances understanding, enabling fast and effective decision-making.

Smarter departments make stronger hospitals.

Realytics’ tools enable and empower hospital executives and managers to improve the hospital’s financial
performance and help transform and strengthen the organization. With Realytics, directors and managers can:

Manage and Optimize Costs

  • Analyze expenses and volumes
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions
  • Empower managers to control and optimize expenses
  • Develop and track corrective action plans

Enhance Operations
and Quality

  • Improve patient flow and throughput
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Increase discharges
  • Improve quality and patient satisfaction

Manage Your Performance
Improvement Program

  • Plan and manage numerous revenue, cost, quality, and growth initiatives
  • Track initiatives through planning, approval and implementation stages
  • Track results of initiatives compared to plan

The right tools for your success.

The Realytics Solutions Suite can be implemented and maintained by us and accessed by your executives and managers for a modest monthly subscription fee.

As Part of this Service, Realytics Will:

  • Configure the Realytics suite of tools for your hospital
  • Provide on-line access to the Realytics tools for use by executives and managers
  • Regularly produce and publish a variety of reports for executives and managers
  • Regularly update the data in the Realytics system
  • Train executives and managers in how to use the Realytics tools to manage expenses, improve operations and throughput, and successfully plan and implement performance improvement initiatives.

Realytics can also work with hospital executives and managers to assist them in conducting a cost reduction/optimization project using the Realytics tools.

Free initial assessment. Give it a try.

Realytics is willing to perform an initial assessment and opportunity analysis for your hospital, at no cost. This analysis will identify potential cost reduction opportunities, and quantify the potential impact of conducting a performance improvement project using the Realytics tools. Whether you then choose to subscribe or not, this analysis will provide valuable insights. So, let’s talk.

For a successful,
sustainable future in the
new era of healthcare.
Discover the performance improvement tools offered by Realytics.